Steam Health Care Products
We commercialize in a vast collection of Steam Health Care Products. They serve their optimum purpose in various sectors of the global economy such as medical, skin care and others.
Wonder Deluxe Console
Wonder Deluxe Console is a modern way of taking steam before facial or for nasal relief. It is attractive in appearance and provides crack resistance, high performance, high longevity and simple usage.
Mini Facial Sauna
Mini Facial Sauna is used in various homes, parlors and salon for steaming purpose as well as cleaning the pores. It is acclaimed for its compactness, sturdy construction, durability, smooth functioning and more.
Electric Steam Vaporizer
Our offered Electric Steam Vaporizer which is constructed for acquiring immediate steam for facial purpose. It is easy to operate, light in weight and compact in size.
Pathological Products
We have introduced a widespread range of Pathological Products. They are used in medical sector and help in the treatment of various ailments. The products have strong durability.
Eye Wash Cup
Eye Wash Cup has a unique design which allows efficient eye washing in diverse salon and parlors. It is integrated with a transparent appearance which gives an attractive look.
Irrigation Products
We are gaining immense recommendation in the market for proposing our valuable clients with an exclusive spectrum of Irrigation Products. They are made to offer the best irrigation facility.
Steam Vaporizer
Our steam vaporizers offer a kid-friendly method of preserving respiratory health and are appropriate for all ages. Steam inhalation is a crucial component of your family's wellness routine because it has calming effects on both children and adults.

Steam Inhaler
Whether you are looking for relief from allergies or colds or simply want to maintain optimal lung health, steam inhalers can be tailored to fit your specific needs. They are suitable for people with a variety of respiratory conditions. They produce a calming and therapeutic experience that aids in relaxation, and general well-being.